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Practice and Regulation Symposium 2018


Practice and Regulation Symposium 2018

Presented in collaboration with The Dublin Solicitors’ Bar Association and Law Society Finuas Skillnet

Friday 9 November 2018

Suzanne O’Neill, Midlands Partner at RSM Ireland, is speaking on the topic of “Planning for Succession in professional firms – coping with retirement or departure of key individuals” at this year's Practice and Regulation Symposium for legal professionals.

The theme for this year’s event is Looking to the future – your future, your firm’s future and the future of the profession. The aim and objective of this symposium is to provide an opportunity for practitioners to update their knowledge in areas of practice management and regulation. The topics are of relevance to those in general practice, in-house and those in specialised firms. The Keynote speaker is Richard Susskind talking on ‘Future Proofing the Legal Profession and the Provision of Legal Services’ and the course materials include a copy of his book ‘Tomorrow’s Lawyers’. There will also be an opportunity to network with other practitioners.

Suzanne's 45 minute speaking slot will cover succession planning for professional firms. An unexpected or unplanned exit can cause enormous disruption, delaying projects, putting client relationships in jeopardy, impacting employees and ultimately it can creating risks for the firm.  These risks can be mitigated by having a clear strategic succession plan in place. 

A key element of the succession is the development of talent in the organisation in all key roles and growing the leaders of the future.  The focus of the presentation is the importance of strategic planning for firms and building procedures and systems that enable the firm to operate successfully beyond the current leadership.  It facilitates successful growth and  the development of the assets in any professional firm, its people. 

Whether the ultimate succession will come from  internal talent or through a merger, the firm will need to be fit for purpose with the appropriate systems already in place.  

For more information on events presented by the Law Society of Ireland, see their website.

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